Sermons from March 2014

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Next Steps: When Theology Leads to Doxology


Taking the Next Steps: A Vision for ARBC Romans 16:17-27 When theology leads to doxology… We persevere by grace to avoid false teaching to remain faithful to overcome Satan We purposefully gather for ministry endeavors for the church We praise God’s glory which is recorded in the Word which is expressed in Jesus which fuels […]

Next Steps: Serve Spirtually, Serve Materially


Taking the Next Steps: A Vision for ARBC Serve Spiritually,  Serve Materially Romans 15:22-33 Do we see our calling to help those engaged in Kingdom work (Romans 15:22-24)? Will you contribute the resources necessary to help His Kingdom work (Romans 15:25-29)? Will you connect together with the best resources of all; prayer (Romans 15:30-33)? Fighter […]

Next Steps: Cultivating a “Glocal” Satisfaction – Part 1


TAKING THE NEXT STEPS: A Vision for ARBC Cultivating a “Glocal”  Satisfaction – Part 1 Romans 15:8-21 What brings satisfaction to you regarding your walk and your church (Romans 15:14)? “Full of goodness” – That’s our character.  “Filled with all knowledge” – That’s the content of the gospel. “Able to instruct one another” – That’s the communication of the […]