Sermons from February 2014

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Next Steps: Cultivate the Vision in our Congregation – Part 1


Taking the Next steps: A Vision for ARBC Cultivate a Vision in Our Congregation; To Judge or Not to Judge? Helping the Weaker Brother Romans 14: 1-13 Don’t elevate personal preferences to test of faith (Romans 14: 1-4). Remember that every Christian belongs to Jesus ultimately (Romans 14: 5-9). Remember that there is one God […]

Next Steps: Cultivating a Vision in our Culture’s Leaders


Taking the Next Steps: A Vision for ARBC Part 6: Cultivating a Vision for our Culture’s Leaders If you resist the authorities in our culture,  then you resist, the God who put them there (Romans 13:1-2). If you reject the authorities in our culture, then you reject the God who protect us here (Romans 13:3-4). […]