Sunday morning classes are loosely organized by age, with the exception of the Young Adult Class. The rest are all open to whoever would like to attend. Age ranges are listed below only as a guideline.

Young Adult

  • College and Young Adult (Downstairs in Fellowship Hall) – Taught by Bob & Terri Scott


  • Adult 3 (Meets in a room at the back of the Sanctuary) – Taught by Steve Lutz (Open Door Class – 30’s)
  • Adult 4 (Meets in Room 108 downstairs) – Taught by Ric Myers (Lighthouse Class – 40’s)
  • Adult 4 Women (Meets in Room 110D off of the Fellowship Hall) – Taught by Denise Berry (Woman to Woman – All Ages)
  • Adult 5 (Meets in Room 106 downstairs) – Taught by Ken Dillender (Crossroads Class – 50’s & 60’s)


  • Adult 6 (Meets in the Chapel downstairs) – Taught by Don Taylor (Closer Walk Class – 70’s and up)
  • Adult 6 Women (Meets in Room 110C off of the Fellowship Hall) – Taught by Katy Vogel (Ruth Class)
  • Adult 7 Women (Meets in the Parlor upstairs) – Taught by Gloria Hughes (Dorcas Class)