This past week, I was reading a book by Bruce Ashford from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, called Letters to an American Christian. The book contains ‘letters’ written from him to a young conservative, evangelical Christian who seeks to make his way into journalism as a conservative, Christian writer (or should I say, a writer who happens to be Christian). As many who are Bible believing Christ-followers know, they have their work cut out for them in most state universities. Ashford is helpful in categorizing most political ideologies into four groups:

  • Liberalism: in the beginning, liberalism was committed to constitution and representative government that emphasized liberty and personal freedom. The trajectory took a turn that now absolutizes someone’s independence—their ‘right’ to be free from external control or influence.
  • Conservatism: As the root word shows, it’s goal is to ‘conserve the social norms and cultural heritage of a particular nation, usually it seeks to conserve a particular era of that nation’s heritage.” So any change, any reform agenda is often met with chagrin. Usually, those who embrace this embrace the values of their childhood. The principles are simply, “This is how it was!”
  • Nationalism: Emphasizes a “nation” and …read more

    Source:: Gospelgripped