From Your Associate Pastor

As I sat down to write this challenger article I had the sudden realization that this would be my last Challenger article, at least as the Associate Pastor of ARBC.

It is an interesting experience when you intentionally focus on the fact that you are participating in your “last” of most anything. The last day of the year, the last day of school, the last day of vacation, etc.

It can be a joyful experience or it can be an experience that is full of regret, doubt or sadness. Whatever it is, ‘lasts’, ‘goodbyes’ and ‘finales’ are usually bittersweet. Most of the time they come before a transition into something exciting or different. For me, this transition has pulled on my emotions in all sorts of directions.

My family’s time at ARBC has been incredible. We have experienced growth, joy, pain, sadness, and love. But now God has us moving on. However, we are moving on with you in certain sense.

Yes, we will physically be absent but we are with you as ARBC is sending us out. We are a team, we are partners in the ministry in which God has called our family.

Sure, it is painful to depart, but it ought to be a joyful experience for all parties knowing that God uses us to fulfill His purposes. Isn’t that a marvelous reality? We sinners are called not only to an eternal life with Him after we pass away from this life, but we are called in this life to participate in His divine plan of the redemption of His children. All of us are called to this, but some are called to get up and leave everything they know and love in order to follow God’s will for their life. The latter happens to be what God has in store for us.

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We too will be praying for all of you. We will be praying that you always will believe that Jesus is enough and that ARBC will continue to be place that produces and sends out hopeful, joyful disciples of Christ.

In Christ, Scott Morter II