Tell Someone Summer

You’ve heard of the ‘summer slump’? This summer needs to be a ‘summer hump,’ keeping the momentum going regarding strengthening the saved and being used of God to save the lost. We must pray that Christ be formed in us (Galatians 4:19) and having the Great Commission as our ambition. Our mission is to be, make, and (could we add) multiply disciples of Jesus, so we can help all of Denver and the nations believe Jesus is enough!

Well, it starts in our backyard.

  • Our commissioning service June 3: as we send the Morters as missionaries to Ireland, praying for their partner development and helping them in every way to get over there—all the while realizing we have our “Irelands” as well.
  • Tell Someone Summer: with an emphasis to desire, learn, and be sent to our circles of influence (friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors) to share Jesus with them. Through emphases during our Sunday morning Bible Study, morning worship, and 3D Wednesdays, we will take time to emphasize the why, the what, and the how of sharing the gospel with others. Will you pray about your place in God’s Kingdom in sharing His Word?
  • July 4 Picnic: (technically, it’s on Sunday, July 1), but what a great event to invite one in your circle of influence to come and celebrate with worship, food, music, and a great time with each other.
  • Connection Station 316 (our Community VBS at Clarkson Park): from July 26-29, we will have our VBS at Clarkson Park. Leading up to this, we will need prayer teams, prayer walking teams, door-knocking teams to pass out flyers, and people ready to serve these families that come. We had 25 attend the VBS information lunch on May 20. For more information, see Jimmie Lou Smith, our preschool director.
  • Western Welcome Week: every year, we set up a booth for Western Welcome Week—this year, on Saturday, August 18. Here, we can connect with folks from Littleton, Centennial, and all the surrounding areas, along with passing out information about ARBC.

You see, we have approximately 900 Southern Baptist churches closing each year (that’s 17-18 churches every week). On top of this, a 2011 survey with LifeWay, self-described as “distressing results” – indicate that 61 percent of evangelical Christians fail to share their faith on a regular basis, even though they believe it is their responsibility to do so. Moreover, nearly half of those respondents said they have not invited a non-Christian friend to church in the past six months.[2]

In our half-mile radius of our church, there are 13,000, 11,500 of whom do not attend church. Denver is fourth in the nation of the number of people who do not identify with any religious affiliation. We have friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors who are without Jesus and any hope of forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Fewer and fewer people understand the basics of Scripture, something that many of us have taken for granted. And fewer and fewer believers and church attenders are taking God’s Word and way into consideration for decisions in their lives. Why?

It’s risky. Following Jesus is not easy. Worth it? Yes! But in our culture, folks will laugh at you, reject you, mock you, want to silence you, tell you are crazy. Or, some will just say, “I’ll think about it.” No decision is a decision. Doing nothing is doing something.

As we come inside the walls of ARBC, let us absorb all we can from Scripture and the Spirit, so when we leave these walls, we will realize that we are missionaries to our community, our city, and the corners of the earth. Be. Make. Multiply. Disciples!

Blessings, Pastor Matt