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Don’t Let Missions Trips Do This to You

by arbc_admin

By MRP Missions trips can be amazing experiences. For us, we spent a great amount of time relying on the Holy Spirit to give us opportunities and, once those opportunities arose, to give us the clear thoughts and clear speech–whether in a classroom, in conversations, or at our outdoor crusades. For us, we had a […]

Trinidad, Day Two: Leaders Conference and Being Carried by Your Prayers

by arbc_admin

By MRP I stayed up too late reading last night. I take that back, I stayed up until midnight Trinidad time (but still 9:00 pm Denver time) finishing Michael Shaara’s book Killer Angels, the second in the Civil War Trilogy by both Jeff and Michael Shaara from where the movies Gettysburg and Gods and Generals […]

Trinidad, Day One: Being with Extended Family

by arbc_admin

By MRP After a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast, Ken, Dana, Roddie Taylor (the pastor of the church that heads up the missions work here), and I drove over to St. Mary’s to meet with the principal of the Fifth Company Primary School. The goal was to get a gameplan together to come […]

Valuing and Treasuring Guests Who Visit Your Church

by arbc_admin

By MRP I know, some will find this sad that we have to help churches filled with people who have been rescued by Jesus be more welcoming to guests. But like anything, we can fall into habits without realizing it. Many want to be welcoming, but don’t understand how. May God help us in our […]

On-Mission to Trinidad Next Week

by arbc_admin

By MRP We’ve been quite here on the Lead With Joy front. Between Christmas activities and illnesses, it’s made it tough to get posts out. But we’re back. On Thursday, January 18, three of us from Arapahoe Road Baptist Church will head on-mission to Trinidad and Tobago next week with the following missions: Meeting with […]