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Acceptable Mediocrity Among Preachers is Unacceptable

by arbc_admin

By MRP Paul Tripp posted this at The Gospel Coalition blog: He was rushing out of the luncheon meeting with the staff of his church. Often at the end of a weekend conference, I will meet with the paid and volunteer leadership of the church, make a presentation, and answer their questions. It was about […]

Even the Acceptable Sins Will Kill You

by arbc_admin

By MRP Many evangelical churches speak out against certain sins such as abortion, same-sex marriage, drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. Granted, some of these are specifically spoken of in Scripture, while some are more cultural and can be (can be) implied from Scripture. I read through Romans 1:18-32 on Sunday morning during our Reading of the […]

Help for Established Churches via Podcasts

by arbc_admin

By MRP I listen to a lot of podcasts, and of those podcasts, I listen to ones dedicated to the established church. We are not a church plant, we are not a replant, we are not a parachurch organization nor a philanthropic organization (exclusively). My church was planted in Colorado in 1960, an old church […]

Form vs Function: Our Programs are to Serve, Not Be Served

by arbc_admin

By MRP Scott, you are an artist par excellence. At times, churches are so connected to certain ministries and programs that they remain long after their effectiveness is gone. Part of it is a leadership issues, but part of it is a resuscitation or even a resurrection issue–that is, it either needs new life breathed […]

What the Ancient Celtic Christians Teach Us About Christian Living

by arbc_admin

By MRP A friend of mine recommended a book by George Hunter called The Celtic Way of Evangelism. This not only went over the ministry of St. Patrick centuries ago, but also in their work and success in reaching varying cultures for the gospel. Below is an excerpt of ten lessons we could learn even […]

Five Sermons on the Five Solas

by arbc_admin

By MRP At my church, we took the five Sundays to preach five sermons on the Five Solas. Below are the links to the audio: Scripture Alone – The First Pillar of our Christian Faith Grace Alone – The Second Pillar of our Christian Faith Faith Alone – The Third Pillar of our Christian Faith […]