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Pastor Scott – February 2015

by arbc_admin

God has called each and every believer into an extraordinary mission.  We are the messengers of the gospel, the lights of the world, and the ambassadors of heaven.  He has chosen you and He has given you the tools you need to complete your specific calling and ministry in this life, whatever it may be.  […]

Pastor Matt – February 2015

by arbc_admin

The Love of God—A Difficult Doctrine February 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of the suicide of my friend, Tommy.  This is all too surreal.  I still cannot wrap my mind around it.  My brother from another mother, a preacher of the gospel, and faithful husband and father—gone at 54.  Is this evidence of a loving […]

Gene Shoun – Music Notes – February 2015

by arbc_admin

Love is in the air…” and yes, that is a direct reference to “The Love Boat”!  That show was one of the contributing factors for my decision to join the Navy!  Needless to say I was sorely disappointed.  But, that’s enough reflection on my shattered dreams for now. Love is one of those words that […]