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Pastor Matt – October 2014

by arbc_admin

From Your Lead Pastor   For this Challenger, pastoral ministry is the theme.  As self-serving as it sounds to bring up the reason for this theme, October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Now, technically, the official name is Clergy Appreciation Month, an observance that dates back to 1992 (and for those of you who love trivia, […]

Pastor Adam – October 2014

by arbc_admin

My love for church history cautions me to avoid two errors in pastoral ministry: refusing to learn what previous centuries of pastoral care can teach me, and neglecting to be theological in my pastoral care (Thomas Oden, Care of Souls in the Classic Tradition, page 13). I will admit that I often don’t act like […]

Pastor Scott – October 2014

by arbc_admin

Ministering to teenagers is no easy task.  If any of you have had or have teenagers you understand.  We can all look back to when we ourselves were teenagers and reminisce on all the facets of trying to get a grasp on the world.  If only we would know as much now as we knew […]