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Pastor Scott – July 2014

by arbc_admin

YOUTH MINISTRY TAKEAWAY  by Pastor Scott A Theological discussion with your Youth I know what it feels like to be riding in your car with your child or your teen and they are sitting there with a inquisitive expression on their face, when, quite abruptly, a profound inquiry about God is expelled from their mouth. […]

Pastor Adam – July 2014

by arbc_admin

DISCIPLESHIP  TAKEAWAY by Pastor Adam Ok, pastor, it’s great that we have a Challenger on marriage and family, but my situation in life now makes me feel like you’re leaving me out: I’m single. I’m widowed. I don’t have children. I’m a single parent. I’m divorced. My family has abandoned me. The articles in here […]

Pastor Matt – July 2014

by arbc_admin

Marriage & Family by Pastor Matt I was a great husband until I married!  I was a great parent until I had children!  But then both happened, and God’s marvelous sanctifying work in my heart and mind kicked it up a number of notches. At a marriage conference I attended in 2001, Dr. Danny Akin, […]