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Pastor Matt – September 2013

by arbc_admin

We welcome Josh and Emily Myers, their daughters Addison and Olivia, Gene and Nancy Hendreschke, and, of course, Adam and Charlotte Embry and their children, Iain, Kimberlyn, Elizabeth and Chloe.  I am excited at how God is growing our family with folks who love Jesus and love His church. My friend, Mark Combs, pastors Summit […]

Pastor Adam – September 2013

by arbc_admin

My Experience at the DMV   Basically, there was no experience at the DMV. Charlotte and I even waited to go until the office opened back up after flooding earlier in the week, but we found that we were supposed to get the emissions test first and hadn’t done so. And the line for the […]

Pastor Steven – September 2013

by arbc_admin

Pastor Steven here with your Youth report for August.  We had a car wash to raise money for the designated Youth Fund, and I just wanted to say “thank you” for all your support.  Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $332.  Praise to God for blessing the youth ministry and for the […]